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Reconnecting with AL-QUR’AN before Ramadan – (Saturday, 2 March)

Join us for an enlightening event as we immerse ourselves in the beauty of AL-QUR’AN before the blessed month of Ramadan. This in-person gathering promises to be a soul-stirring experience where we will delve into the teachings, wisdom, and guidance of AL-QUR’AN.

Date: Sat Mar 02 2024

Time: 8:30 PM GMT

Location: Albert Road Ilford IG1 1HW United Kingdom

Get ready to embark on a spiritual journey, surrounded by like-minded individuals seeking to strengthen their connection with AL-QUR’AN. Through engaging discussions, inspiring lectures, and interactive sessions, we will explore the profound messages and lessons contained within AL-QUR’AN.

Sheikh Muhammad Saad Nomani Madani is an exemplary reciter of the Qur’an. He has been blessed by Allah (ﷺ) with the rare ability to recite the Quran in the style of many renowned Qaris. He can emulate more than 90 Qaris and imams, including the imams of the Holy Mosques in Makkah and Madinah. He was born in Pakistan but moved to Saudi Arabia at an early age and was raised in the city of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). He earned his M.A. in Islamic Studies from Darul Uloom Karachi. Purpose of event This event is being organised to raise funds Alhhidmat UK projects in Pakistan.

Mark your calendars and be sure to join us on this transformative day. Let’s come together, share our experiences, and leave with a renewed sense of purpose and devotion towards AL-QUR’AN.

Don’t miss out on this unique chance to reconnect with AL-QUR’AN before Ramadan. We look forward to seeing you there!