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Gaza Kids are Among the Most Vulnerable

In the midst of conflict and poverty, Gaza's kids are among the most vulnerable. They are innocent people caught in the crossfire of conflict. Many people have witnessed unspeakable events, suffered tremendous loss, and endured suffering beyond their years. They need our unwavering help to recover and reconstruct their damaged lives. Without immediate help, Gaza's children will face a terrible and uncertain future.

Save Gaza Kids

Join Alkhidmat Welfare UK in Providing Relief

Alkhidmat Welfare UK stands in solidarity with these innocent individuals, working to offer them the assistance and care they require. With your help, we can provide immediate assistance to children affected by the ongoing turmoil in Gaza. During these turbulent times, we meet their most pressing needs, including food, medical supplies, shelter, and education.

Join us on our mission to protect Gaza's children from the horrors of war and destruction.

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“He who does not show mercy (towards his children), no mercy would be shown to him.”

(Sahih Muslim)

Save Gaza's Children from the Horrors of War!

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