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Let your kindness during Eid al-Adha transcend borders by working with Alkhidmat Welfare UK to bring happiness and lessen suffering to people all across the world.

Gaza Kids

In the midst of conflict and poverty, Gaza’s kids are among the most vulnerable.

Build a Qur’an Learning & Hifz Centre in Sierra Leone

Tonkolili District, located in Sierra Leone’s northern province, is a culturally and traditionally rich territory. Magburaka, the district’s capital, and neighbouring towns like as Masingbi, Yele, and Mile 91 form the vibrant heart of…

Build A Madarsa

At AlKhidmat Welfare UK, we understand how important education is in altering people’s lives and communities. Our “Build A Madarsa” project demonstrates our dedication to providing accessible and high-quality education to children in need, particularly in Pakistan.

Give Food Parcel

AlKhidmat Welfare UK believes in the power of compassion and solidarity to help communities in need. Our Food Parcel programme is a beacon of hope for those suffering from hunger and misery in several regions, including Pakistan, Gaza, and Sierra Leone.

Gaza Emergency Appeal

Violence erupts in Gaza, where people have endured a 17-year-old blockade, causing widespread fear among the 2.3 million residents, including those in overcrowded refugee camps. Gaza is facing dire circumstances, and we need your immediate help to respond to…

Clean Water Project

Under the Clean Water program, Alkhidmat has completed hundreds of water projects that provide clean drinking water to needy communities across…

Build A Masjid

Masjids are vital parts of a Muslim community’s social and religious structure. A Masjid is considered a shared financial duty of the local people who utilise it

Sponsor An Orphan

Sponsor an orphan or orphan family through Alkhidmat Welfare UK’s Orphan Family Support Programme (OFSP) for children aged 18 and below…

Sponsor a Hafiz e Quran / Aalim & Aalima

Support a Hafiz e Quran student’s expenses and ensure they receive the right guidance and light of the Holy Quran now and in the future…